Wednesday, November 18, 2009

All I Want for Christmas.....

I have so much to be thankful for and I am truly blessed. God has given me a wonderful husband, four beautiful children, a great house and lots of family members that love me. I am lucky to have a sister that is my best friend. As an adult, I am blessed to have three of my four grandparents alive. I talk to them often. What more could I want? I want something money can't buy. I want a kidney for my dad.

My dad has been on peritoneal dialysis due to kidney failure since February, 2008. He has been experiencing infection at the catheter site for over month and it will not heal. Tomorrow he is having surgery to have it moved. This is his life line. This is only a short term answer for his health as he desperately needs a kidney transplant.

It's a touchy subject, but I know no other way then to tell it like it is. We need a donor. It doesn't have to be an exact match, we just need a kidney. I know it sounds harsh and cold, but people die every day; it's the sad part of living, but I want my dad around a little while longer; he's still young.

Please keep him on your mind and in your prayers. I believe God is a God of miracles and if that miracle is a donor, or healing, I am willing to accept that miracle. The Bible says you have not because you ask not, so I'm asking......all I want for Christmas is a kidney for my dad!


  1. We are praying for your dad! We love all of you very much!

  2. I love you, Kris, and I love your dad. God, give us a miracle!!