Friday, January 8, 2010

Spring is in the Air!

Happy New Year!

The temperature has been averaging 45 degrees and everything outside looks dead and dreary. I'm freezing and ready for spring! With spring comes beautiful things; the flowers bloom, the birds chirp, babes are born and everything seems new again! I'm doing my best to stay warm and think of spring. So, I'm creating spring around me in the midst of the bone chilling cold......My creative juices are flowing and I'm ready to sew! Pin cushions are my thing this year. I'm not sure why, but I love pin cushions. I've bought several cool patterns and I'm ready to sew. I'll display pictures of them when I'm done.

I'm also ready for new babies in the; pick your jaw up off of the floor. I'm not personally having anymore babies, but hopefully my dog, Channok, will be having a litter. She is at her "husband's" house this week visiting and we hope to have a new litter around the first of March. Now I know many people are opinionated about dog breeding and having your pet spayed or neutered and generally, this is the best thing to do; however, I breed her for the love of the breed. The American Eskimo breed is a dying one, and I breed her occasionally for the love of the breed. Don't get me wrong, the money isn't bad, and the kids love having puppies around, but I'm not a puppy mill and I haven't breed her in about two years. So hopefully, she and her husband, his name is Cubby, will make babies.

Well, off to sew. Happy New Year everyone and stay warm!


  1. Hello Kristen! Thank you for following my blog!
    Oh i would love to have Puppies! American Eskimo are the cutest thing ever!
    Cute pic!
    Have a great day and come say hi when you can.

  2. Hello Kristen,

    Thanks for visiting my little blog and I hope you will come back again.

    I am looking forward to seeing beautiful photos of adorable puppies!!

    Have a lovely week

    janeat xox