Monday, September 7, 2009

A Spooktacular Halloween

If you know Jordan and I, you know we absolutely love Halloween. Next to Christmas, it is our favorite Holiday. We attended our first Halloween party together in October 1998 and since then, we have had some fabulous costumes. If you look at my album on Facebook, you can see our past Halloween costumes. The all time favorite costume has to be KISS and the second favorite is Rock Horror. We haven't had a spectacular idea since 2004. We have had creative costumes, just not award winning.

The party we go to has a costume contest and knowing how competitive I am, you know like to win. The contest has two categories; best couple and best single. All contestants are vying for the $25 gift card to somewhere. We really don't care where, we just want to win! Each year, the costume choice is harder and the competition gets tougher. Last year, we went as Obama and Palin. My costume was complete with a Caribou Barbie pendent; some people asked me who Caribou Barbie was and why I was in camo. They didn't get it. It was cute, showed our political sides, but wasn't an award winner. So my days of making a political statement at Halloween parties are over. I want to look cute. I want to win!

So, here's the deal. I have several okay ideas. I need your help. Please look at the poll on my Blog and vote for the best costume idea. If you have a better idea, e-mail me. I'm open and not feeling very creative these days. I can use all the help I can get! I'll let you know the results and what we decide.


  1. I like you being Lady Gaga (timely), but I don't get the Slash part. ?

  2. Open to ideas...we couldn't come up with anything else


    Ha, kidding.

    I voted for Lady Gaga because I think you can do a lot with it, but I'm with Roben, Slash might be a bit dated. Maybe you can have a poll of what a good Lady Gaga counterpart would be. Maybe David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust? They're both super avant garde and Ziggy is a timeless classic. You know the iconic album cover with the red flattop and the lightening bolt face makeup?